Friday, January 25, 2008

Medical mission, BBC Sta. Mesa (Manila) with High Street Baptist Church (Springfield, Missouri, USA) team

BBC Sta. Mesa, under the leadership of Rev. Joseph Boyd Lyons and Ma'am Donna, held a special medical mission outreach today in cooperation with members of the High Street Baptist Church led by Rev. Eddie Lyons and Dr. Craig Lobdell. BBC Sta. Mesa is the daughter church of High Street.

Bro. Doy Ilo preaching to the patients before the start of the medical examination and treatments
Taking care of the spiritual before the physical

Dr. Lobdell
Felix of Ghana enjoying himself at the dentist's chair

Mrs. Lobdell entertaining the kids with her fanciful balloon creations

Visiting the Asia Baptist Bible College boys dorm

Ptr. Boyd welcoming the High Street members during the ABBC chapel

Testimony time
Ptr. Clyde Gray
Asia Baptist Bible College choir under the leadership of William Cordero
Rev. Eddie Lyons, pastor of High Street, giving the message
A plaque of appreciation from the daughter church to the mother church
The Lyons family with students from the ABBC Teresa campus; the Teresa property was purchased some twenty years ago under the initiative of Ptr. Eddie
ABBC guys and girls welcoming the High Street team to the Philippine style get-together after the medical outreach

A sampling of Filipino food

ABBC faculty members and staff

Sunday, January 13, 2008

59th Anniversary, Baptist Bible Church (Sta. Mesa, Manila), January 13, 2008

BBC Sta. Mesa celebrated today its 59th anniversary with Dr. Mickey P. Carter, Landmark Baptist Church, Haines City, Florida, USA as speaker. Ptr. Frank Hooge was the founding pastor, while Dr. Joseph Boyd Lyons is the present pastor and also president of Asia Baptist Bible College (a church ministry). Among the highlights of the anniversary was the recognition of the charter members.

Rev. Joseph Boyd Lyons, pastor (BBC Sta. Mesa) and president of Asia Baptist Bible College (a church ministry)
Dr. Mickey P. Carter, Landmark Baptist College, Haines City, Florida, USA

Ptr. Lyons and Dr. Carter with some of BBC Sta. Mesa's charter members