Wednesday, March 14, 2018

“5 Ways Your Church Could End Up In Court” (Christianity Today)

By Emily Lund at

Pastors must educate themselves, their boards, and other staff members on the issues that could land them in court. Each of the following stories concerns a church that recently encountered such issues.

Church Factions Compete over Property

Be aware of the legal matters that could affect your property, and ensure that policies, procedures, and documentation are in place before a disagreement erupts.

Saddleback Church Faces Sexual Abuse Allegations

Though no longer the top reason churches end up in court, sexual abuse remains a major issue in churches large and small.

No Legal Recourse for Syrian Man in Oklahoma Church Lawsuit

For most Christians, baptisms are a cause for celebration—but for an ex-Muslim man from Syria, his baptism was nearly his death sentence.

A Landmark Religious Freedom Ruling

From a risk management perspective, this case could establish a critical precedent for cases involving churches and religious freedom.

Violent Incidents at Churches—and a Deadly Common Denominator

In November of 2016, in Jamestown, New York, 36-year-old Shari J. Robbins encountered her estranged husband—against whom she had a restraining order— in a church parking lot. During the confrontation, Robbins’s husband shot and killed her.

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Thursday, January 04, 2018

“5 Things The Bible Says About Paying Pastors or Church Leaders” (Christian Media Magazine)


“It always seems to be a constant source of contention; how much should a pastor make, if anything? On the one hand, people argue that they are to be servants and thus can serve within the church as pastor while working elsewhere. They will cite the Apostle Paul and say that he had a tent-making job, then claim that modern pastors must do the same. So, it’s a question that is on a lot of people’s minds. The Bible, however, clears up any confusion on the subject.”

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Tuesday, January 02, 2018

“Feelings versus Truth” (Christian Media Magazine)


“Even if we wholly believe in the infallibility of the Bible and characterize God as our “Lord”, the majority of us still generally live out of our limbic system. You know – the emotional part of our brain that virtually each and every time overrides our prefrontal cortex, which is the part of our brain that was designed to compel us to pursue wise decisions. I have heard it said that we make 90% of our decisions based on how we feel. And as we witness every day, that process produces an overwhelming assortment of turmoil and heartbreak.

“For those of us who characterize ourselves as Christians, let’s take a look at how we stack up in this area. Compelling statistics from various sources indicate:

  • Extramarital affairs are nearly as prevalent in the church as they are outside of the church

  • Pornography use is already rampant among those who attend church as roughly 70% of men 30% of women struggle with unbiblical compulsive sexual activities they cannot stop

  • Road rage, though sadly joked about so often within the church is on a regular basis”

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Friday, November 25, 2016

Reformers Unanimous (RU) Recovery Ministries Conference, Bethany Makati, Nov. 28, 2016

This one-day conference, starting 9 AM, will discuss how pastors and churches can deal with various kinds of addictions.

This ministry is based in North Love Baptist Church in Rockford, Illinois (Paul Kingsbury, pastor) with Dr. Ben Burks as International Director.

Besides Pastor Kingsbury and Dr. Burks, the RU team includes Sis. Wendy Burks, Missionary Tim Farley, and Bro. Eddie Ferguson.

The RU team has previously held this same conference in Batangas City hosted by the Good Shepherd Baptist Church.

Friday, October 21, 2016

The 27th Fundamental Bible Conference in Metro Manila, Oct. 25-28, 2016

Date and time: October 25-28 (Tuesday to Friday), 6-9:30 PM

Venue: Philippine National Red Cross Auditorium, Rizal Chapter, 611 Shaw Blvd. Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City, Metro Manila

Registration fee: Php 180.00

For more information, please contact Dr. Roberto-Jose Livioco, Conference Chairman:


Mobile: 0917-584-4316

Landline: 801-6789, 514-8340 or 646-3354

Friday, May 27, 2016

800-plus free interactive Bible exercises

As part of the resources of, I am creating 800-plus interactive exercises from various sources. These free exercises are either matching type or cloze (fill in the blanks) and have time limit and automatic scoring. Each exercise has a total number of items ranging from 10 to 50-plus, depending on the topic’s complexity.

Some 500-plus interactive exercises are now available. These exercises are hosted on Bit Balloon, a free web hosting service. Available exercises and topics are:




BBFI Articles of Faith


Biblical distinctives of Baptists

Scofield Reference Notes (1917)

Terms and definitions from world religions and cults (flashcards and quizzes),

Biblical manhood and womanhood


The Great Doctrines of the Bible by Evans.

Miscellaneous: Fifty reasons Christ suffered and diedPsalm 19, or church covenant

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Free or low-cost ways to put your church services online (Facebook streaming, YouTube, etc.)

From “5 Low Cost Ways to put your Church Service Online” by Christian Computing Magazine:

“These days churches need to be online. If your church has a website or a Facebook page, you’ve taken the first important step towards connecting with people in today’s culture. But what’s the next step?

“A lot of people attend church remotely – that is, they still want to participate in the church service, but for numerous reasons are not able to physically be at church. What if there was a way for your church to have the sermon, or even the entire worship service, available online for viewing?

“There are actually several options out there for putting your church services online – and some of them are even free. Here are five of Christian Media Magazine’s favorite tools getting church service videos out on the internet:”

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