Sunday, January 15, 2006

Upcoming event: 6th World Missions Conference, Bethany (Makati), February 13-15, 2006

Dear Missions Partners,

"Making Our Missions Net Work" is the theme of our 6th World Missions Conference this year. This is somehow a sequel to last year's theme "Launch Out Into The Deep" based on Luke 5:4. The succeeding verses would indicate that we need to take care of the net which we believe represents the tools, resources, opportunities, and even the churches responsible and mandated in catching the great and plenteous harvest.

The conference is set on February 13-15, from Monday morning through Wednesday evening. Dr. Armie Jesalva, Pastor of Cebu Bible Baptist Church and National Director of International Baptist Network, and a strong missions inspirer and partner himself, will be our main speaker.

We appreciate your most valued prayers, presence and continuing partnership, and look forward to a blessed and fruitful time encouraging each other in the Lord.

Yours in the Pursuit of Missions,

Rev. Gerry Nable
Pastor, Bethany Baptist Church

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