Friday, February 17, 2006

6th World Missions Conference, Bethany Baptist Church (Makati), February 13-15, 2006

Flags represent the countries where Bethany (in cooperation with other Baptist churches in the Philippines) have sent Filipino missionaries

People at the front of the auditorium are some of the Filipino missionaries who have answered Christ's call to fulfill His Great Commission in foreign fields

People in the pews are the national pastors who are holding on to the rope, so to speak, by way of their prayers and financial support for the Filipino missionaries to foreign fields

"The centers of the church's universality are no longer in Geneva, Rome, Athens, Paris, London, New York, but in Kinshasa, Buenos Aires, Addis Ababa and Manila. Whatever Europeans or North Americans may believe, Christianity is doing very well indeed in the global South - not just surviving but expanding." - John Mbiti, Kenyan scholar (emphasis by boldfacing supplied)

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