Sunday, March 11, 2007

ABBC Banquet, EDSA Shangrila (Manila), March 8, 2007

Teresa students lining up
First batch of graduates, Graduate School of Theology

Tribute to long-time music teacher Nestar Abbott
Other long-time ABBC faculty and staff

Special gift from the Seniors to the Lyons couple (treat at Prince Albert, no less!)
Grace Cuaterno, senior, testifying on her "Mrs." ministry
Special number from Kim Aris
Raffle time!
William Cordero leading the choir

Ptr. Efren Padua, ABBCAA president

Sophomore guys in a special number

Ptr. Quinlan with his banquet message on Mary and Martha

Master's degree graduates
Ptr. Sanny Ayon and a red rose for Charmine

Ptr. Joel and wife

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