Sunday, August 26, 2007

A word of caution for pastors and churches

Please beware of a man who claims to be involved in tribal mission work in Nueva Ecija. This man goes from church to church asking for financial support for his alleged tribal mission work. Last week, he swindled several pastors and church workers from Manila and Caloocan, and these pastors have now asked me for information on how to file estafa cases against him.

Please verify the name and identity of any person who comes to your church asking for financial support. Ask for the names and contact information of his or her sending church, group affiliation, references, etc and then contact these persons for confirmation.

[Early this year, a pastor from CALABARZON texted me, verifying a text message allegedly from me that his church had won nine hundred thousand pesos. I texted back telling him that I never sent him that text message (obviously a scam). My cellphone number is 0927-798-3138 and my e-mail is Please verify with me if some parties are using my name or this blog in asking for support for their alleged activities.]

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