Wednesday, August 06, 2008

WorldTeach Annual National Convention, September 4 to 6

For more information, please call Jackie de Guzman at 925-6775, 383-0123, 0918-392-6972, and 0917-793-1347.


stephanie said...

how do i become a lecturer of the world teach philippines? my name is stephanie ecate and i have this burning passion for teaching and i really pray i'd someday be a part of the world teach phils. im only 22 and will be graduating in AB-Theology this march.. what are the requirements to become one of your lecturers> i've been to a few of your seminars and i really enjoy it.. i also want to be a mobilizer and encourage fellow believers in CHrist.. i am a sucker for public speaking.. God bless you all!

Atty. Gerry T. Galacio said...


Please contact Ptr.Mark Sosmena at the World Teach office in Panay Avenue, Quezon City. You might also be able to contact him through the CBAP office in Greenhills Christian Fellowship near Robinson’s Galleria.

chicora said...

Atty. Galacio,

i also desire to be one of the teachers of world teach can i contact ptr. mark sosmena?do you have contact numbers of the office?i've never been to any worldteach seminar before but i really want to attend...where can i get infos about incoming or ongoing seminars po?