Monday, December 15, 2008

Opportunities in Internet ministries, from Internet Evangelism Day

Specific ministries and opportunities

The following ministries can use unpaid sparetime volunteers. These opportunities are posted in good faith – we believe these ministries are, to the best of our knowledge, worthwhile in practice and orthodox in belief, but you must make your own judgement about them. Volunteers must expect to go through an application and vetting process; it is likely that an organization may wish to take up references about you with your church leaders.

A few of these ministries also offer fulltime ministry in online evangelism. Often, these will require applicants to raise their own support. There are also currently fulltime vacancies Lifechurch: designers.

Organization/contact person, and opportunity,

Writing, editing; Email counseling; Providing biblical answers/response; Administration,

Email counselors and evangelists; Article writers; Translators (English to Spanish); US liaison representative,

Writing; Posting articles; Website housekeeping (using website and reporting broken links, etc.),

Promote the site in personal conversations or in major promotion; Write & submit articles to effectively help college students understand either who God is or what it might be like to know Him. Write for unbelievers, in conversational & interesting style.,

Email Responders: Answer emails from seekers and inquirers; Prayer Team Coordinators: Collect, develop, publish and post content for weekly prayer letter; Research Coordinators: Research countries to be profiled in newsletter; Web Site Designers: Collaborate with Chief Technology Officer to design site content; Graphic Artists: Assist design for GMO brochures, posters or websites; Computer Input Assistants: computer data entry; software design, admin support; Translators; Prayer Partners: Sign up on website for weekly prayer letter; agree to pray regularly for GMO ministry
TruthMedia group of outreach sites: contact the team via the site

Audio – introduction to TruthMedia’s email mentoring. [Dial-up] and see video presentation by Karen Schenk, team leader.

Online Mentors: Email counseling, evangelism and discipleship; Blog mentors: coming alongside people who post on their evangelistic blogs; Mentor Coordinator: Manage mentoring requests; assign emails to mentors; Writers: Offer relevant insight to university students’ concerns, touching hearts, minds and spirits; Poster Girl/Boy: Post honest, funny, incisive, intelligent, down-to-earth reactions to website articles, to help stimulate conversation and build online community; Spinmeister: Create short (10-30 word) summaries for each online article. Requires ability to synthesize, creativity and a facility with language to help move reader from site entry point to Gospel. Especially important for French site,; Prayer supporters needed; Fulltime staff vacancies and internships frequently available email

Experienced publicists to write and circulate news releases and promote IE Day to denominations, Christian leaders and news media: details; Technical experts for occasional consultations on style, PHP coding, and design/usability; Professional graphic designer to create occasional graphics; Experienced counselors to give email advice and mentoring to non-Christians with life problems, arising from an evangelistic site; Full-time/part-time database expert based in Derby UK, (for Spanish) or (for Chinese)

Translators (English to Spanish); Translators (English to Chinese), To contact Ministry Response Centers, follow instructions on website.

Email interaction with seekers and inquirers;• Note: This site coordinates online follow-up for a growing number of ministries and seeks to blend high-tech with high-touch, personalized, prompt response., To contact Damaris, follow instructions on website.

Sparetime writers and contributors for the Damaris mission of relating Christian faith to contemporary culture. Also occasional vacancies for interns and full-time staff at their Southampton UK office., To contact Truth Media, follow instructions on the website

Mentoring; Prayer;• Writing articles;• Witing your life story; Chat participation; Chat hosting, Contact them via the site

Languages – translating course work and/or email correspondence; Research – respond to occasional requests for various types of information; Editing – coursework and/or testimonies; General help – respond to occasional requests for various types of assistance; Website – assist with various types of technical projects,

Write your own page about a hobby or interest, to be posted on the Acts website.

People to assist in article finding/writing, updating content, forum responses, blogging, prayer., To contact TechMission, follow instructions on the website

Training, encouragement and support, to teach IT skills to disadvantaged communities, anywhere in the world. Follow the ‘get involved’ menu link.,

Sparetime: co-ordinators for online courses in Russian and Thai. PHP/MySQL/Linux programmers, and help with security for CAN nations. Pastors/Bible college graduates as online facilitators for online learning courses. Course content developers. Graphic artists/web designers to upgrade website.

Various forms of Internet ministries

Be pro-active: find an online ministry with an agenda you identify with, and contact them directly. Many such sites are cited in the Web Evangelism Guide and the twice-monthly Bulletin email newsletter.

Some members of the Internet Evangelism Coalition may also need volunteers. There is a huge need for web ministry in Japan – can you be involved in any of the ministries listed on that page? You may find broader career and volunteer opportunities at and and Christian Volunteering. In UK, see Christian Jobs. and Christian Vocations.

Chat room evangelism (Work at home as an individual, or join a small team to cooperate and learn together.Some churches have trained church-based teams for chat evangelism: more

Bulletin boards – Yahoo Answers and other bulletin boards, or comment on blogs (Similar to chat, but you donot have to think so quickly! The new Yahoo Answers is an easy way to start. You can also contribute comments on other people’ blogs)

Social networking – just living in cyberspace and meeting people. There are many different ways to meet friends and interact with them online.

Second Life – the virtual reality parallel universe. Amazingly varied opportunities to share the Good News in this virtual world.

Video shorts (Create short video parables or other types of clip, and post them on secular social networking sites) Create a website (Consider the great potential of a Bridge Strategy site on a secular topic that interests you – for instance your hobby. Remember, there are huge needs for evangelistic sites in non-English languages. If you are not technical, you can build a site using a CMS template or the sitebuilder systems that many larger web hosts such as and Google provide.)

Start a blog (It is very easy to start a blog – no technical experience is needed.)

Church website (Create or assist your church in production of an effective site.)

Counseling/ mentoring (Offer support and advice to inquirers to an evangelistic or church website)

Social bookmarks (Use social bookmarking systems such as to encourage people to view good outreach sites: more information.)

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