Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Prayers of A.W. Tozer (YouTube video)

A. W. Tozer (sometimes called the “prophet of evangelicalism”) is my favorite writer. The first time I read his work was in the late 1970’s when I got hold of “Gems from Tozer” in the nursery room of Mandaluyong Bible Baptist Church (my childhood church in Nueve de Febrero St. founded by the late BBF missionaries Fred and Lorene Null). I was simply blown away by his insights and writing style. In 1983-84 while teaching at Quezon City Science High School, I bought his books “That Incredible Christian” and “The Root of the Righteous” at twenty pesos each. Years later, my mother gave me a two-volume set of Tozer’s sermons.

This low-res video is from a new 45-minute DVD by Ken Boa and Bill Ibsen with contemplative music by Stanton Lanier. Of the over 40 books written by Tozer (1897-1963), two of his works are regarded as Christian classics: “The Pursuit of God” and “The knowledge of the Holy”. Both books help the reader to cultivate a deeper relationship with the living God, and to view Him in His true majesty and supreme greatness. Tozer’s beautiful yet practical prayers recorded in these two books are presented in this DVD as yet another way to help viewers pray along as they pursue and grow in their personal knowledge of the Holy One.

Tozer was a Christian and Missionary Alliance pastor and so some of his teachings do not coincide with the Biblical distinctives of Baptists. Keeping this in mind, you will profit from reading Tozer’s “Knowledge of the Holy” in PDF format or listening to his more than four hundred mp3 sermons. You can also read articles and excerpts from Tozer’s sermons:

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