Thursday, May 13, 2010

Free PDFs on legal procedures for pastors, Bible students, church workers and members

There are times when a church member or a pastor becomes involved in a civil or criminal case. Such times cause great worry and fear especially if the person involved does not know anything about the law. I will therefore be posting PDFs on various legal procedures in my Family Matters website and my Legal updates blog to clarify what the procedures are in our judicial system.

You can freely download these PDF materials and use them for your own reference, or print and distribute them to your church members, friends or colleagues. You cannot however edit these materials or use them commercially or for profit.

The following posts from my Legal updates blog have graphic links to PDFs which you can freely download and use for your own reference. Please take note that I designed these PDFs in 2003 and have not been able to make major revisions. Please check the Supreme Court website for any change in the legal procedures.

The use of graphics or cartoons to illustrate these PDF materials is in keeping with the theory of Jerry Lucas, renowned memory expert and one of the NBA’s 50 greatest players of all time. He said that people tend to remember words, things or ideas better and faster when they are associated with funny, fantastic or outlandish images. Lucas wrote a book on how to memorize the Bible. The use of these graphics also lessens the intimidation felt by people (non-lawyers and non-law students) when studying legal topics.

Most of the PDFs are printed one topic per letter-sized paper. You can cut the PDFs along the dashed lines and then compile them into a hard bound or ring bound album. Or you can place related pages side by side on 8.5 by 13 sized paper (landscape orientation) and then compile them into an album.

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