Monday, February 14, 2011

Why do so few people take the Gospel to the unevangelized?

The Great Omission, A Biblical Basis for World Evangelism”, by J. Robertson McQuilkin (read from Google Books or download PDF)

McQuilkin is the President Emeritus of Columbia International University and spent 12 years as a missionary in Japan. He resigned as president to care for his wife, Muriel when she reached the stage of Alzheimer’s disease in which she needed full-time care (listen to his moving resignation speech.)

During one lecture before several hundred college students, McQuilkin was asked, “How is it, with so many unreached peoples, there are so few Christians going?” In this book, he provides five major answers:

We don’t care that much.

We don’t see very well.

We think there must be some other way.

Our prayer is peripheral.

Someone isn’t listening.

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