Saturday, December 10, 2011

Are you single and in ministry?

If you are single, don’t despair. As someone said, “It’s better to be alone and single, rather than married and miserable.”

But if you are single and in ministry
, then you should read “Missionary Single Issues” from Missionary Care (Resources for Missions and Mental Health). You can download this resource as a PDF file (267 kb) or as a Word file (261 kb). Topics include:

This free PDF was written by Ronald L. Koteskey, Member Care Consultant for GO InterNational (an interdenominational world-wide Christian mission organization involved in organizing short-term missions, among other projects). While Ron wrote this material specifically for unmarried missionaries, his insights, comments, and suggestions are valuable for singles in a cross-cultural environment. Ron and his wife (former teachers with 35 years experience in Bible colleges, public and Christian schools) maintain two websites and which provide free resources like brochures and e-books for two culture-kids, marriage issues, and reentry for missionaries.

Ron’s terms of use for this e-book: “Permission is granted to copy and distribute this book in its entirety without charge. Send it to anyone you believe may benefit from reading it. Please do NOT post this book anywhere else on the Internet.”

Notes: [1] Related post: Free PDF on marriage issues for missionaries (also for pastors and other persons in ministry); [2] This ministry does not necessarily endorse the opinions or beliefs of the resources cited here.

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