Monday, January 23, 2012

900,000 visitors and counting for “Better English for everyone” website

Better English for everyoneNote as of February 20, 2014: “Better English for everyone” can now be accessed through Google Drive, a free file storage and web hosting service. You can also use the shortcut to access the website.

Note as of May 16, 2012: Special thanks to the following churches for their love gifts for the 2nd quarter web hosting fees of my websites: [1] Maranatha International Baptist Church in Parang, Marikina, led by Ptr. Manny Orara (Php 5,100); and [2] Amazing Grace Bible Baptist Church, Block 27 Lot 77 Phase 2, Greengate Homes, Malagasang II-B, Imus, Cavite, led by Ptr. Florentino Chua (Php 500).
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According to my tracker, my website “Better English for everyone” reached over 900,000 visitors late last night. Soli Deo gloria!

The website became online September 27, 2007. It has been averaging 1,700 plus visitors daily since last week (see the graphic below). It reached 3,000 visitors (first time ever) on November 29, 2011.

Google Analytics, my other website tracker, reports that visitors have come from 195 countries or territories. The top ten countries in number of visitors are the USA, Philippines, India, United Kingdom, Brazil, Thailand, Spain, Mexico, Canada, and Australia.

“Better English for everyone” contains numerous links to Gospel websites and my website trackers report that these have been clicked, even by visitors from Restricted Access Nations. Thanks to everyone who have browsed this site.

Note: Please read How you can help this website” or “How I became involved in Internet ministries”.

Better English monthly reportThe Sitemeter graphic above shows the number of visitors (yellow bars) and page views (red bars) from December 24, 2011 to early morning January 23, 2012.
Better English weekly report


MySoulProject said...

Good morning, Sir! I commented to tell you as courtesy that I have copied a few information from your site. I placed proper credits on my post. But should you wish to tell me to remove it, I will. Please and thank you!

God bless you always. :)

MySoulProject said...

Sir, I apologize. I will wait for your response before I use whatever information you have. Thank you!

Atty. Gerry T. Galacio said...

What "few information" did you copy?

With the directory of Baptist churches, I have spent considerable time and effort in collecting and collating this information. If you copy my directory and post it online, search engines like Yahoo and Google will penalize both my blog and yours.

Two or three other websites also have their own directories of Baptist churches, but I have refrained from copying their information on churches that do not appear in my directory.

What you should concentrate on is looking for the information missing from my directory, like Baptist churches in Zamboanga Sibugay, if there are any.

For my "original articles" like those on SEC registration of churches, ecclesiastical marriages, CHED registration of Bible colleges, etc. you can only use 2 paragraphs of each article (with proper credit and back links to my full articles).

MySoulProject said...

Yes sir! Thank you. :) I haven't copied anything yet because I decided to wait for your response. So rest assured I haven't taken anything from your blog.

I will try to make my own research then. What I only have so far are the churches here in our region.

I will give proper credit in case I decide to cite paragraphs from your previous posts. Thank you and may the Lord bless you. :)