Monday, November 21, 2005

Members of Independent Baptist Church of Pateros in a show of unity for Ptr. Narvaez


Anonymous said...

Dear Bro Gerry,

Thank you for the photos taken during the funeral of my dad and posting it on the web.

This will be a big help for us to forward it to all our friends, church supporters in the US and other people who are one way or the other connected to my dad's ministry.

We are trying to construct the powerpoint that was shown on a sunday so we can have a memorial service here in australia in the church that we go to.If you have other photos pls forward to me when you are able.

Thanks for all your help. I hope you can also share your talents here in AU in our church.

I personally would like to thank, Pastor & Mrs Boyd Lyons for all their support to our family.Pastor Lyons was there in the ICU til my dad took his last breath. They will always have a special place in our hearts ....

And all the other churches that supported us by prayers, send their love and financial assistance for the funeral- "Thank you and God bless you all."

The legacy of Dr. Pedro Narvaez, will not end here but by God's grace it will continue on through us his children and through the church, Independent Baptist Church.

The touching and wonderful testimonies that my dad left touching the lives of others really pierced through our hearts and will always be remembered for as long as we live.

My dad's last words to us was to help Independent Baptist Church of Pateros in the purchase of the property - please help us pray and financially support his last request. IBC will soon pay in 5 weeks the 1 million pesos (2nd million) by Dec 2005 and by God's grace all commitments by that time will be given. The property is 1,033 square meters plus the entire school building in the property. Every year 1 million pesos is paid every December.PLEASE HELP US PRAY THAT THE 2ND PAYMENT FOR THIS YEAR( 1 MILLION PESOS) WILL BE GIVEN IN MEMORY OF DR. PEDRO NARVAEZ - Nothing's impossible with God!

Please pray for my mum, Mrs. Thelma Narvaez, as me and my sister (CA, USA) leave her, pls pray for her. Pls include her in your prayers and if you can give her a call or fellowship with her from time to time may the Lord bless you as she and all of us are going through this life without my dad. Also please include my brother, Peter, in your prayers too..I know that after all this, we will be stronger and I know that my dad would like to see us not quitting but keeping on the work that he had started toiling on in God's ministry.

Thank you and God bless you all,

Charmaine Narvaez-Hernandez
Eldest Daughter of Dr. Pedro Narvaez
Blair Athol, NSW

david shofner said...

Bro. Pedro was one of the dearest friends that I have ever had. We met in 1980 in Pensacola, Florida when he was raising support. He always met me at the airport in Manila and often traveled with me to Padapada, Cagayan de Oro, Paniqui, and other places. I loved him and his family so very much. He will be missed. He was such a Christian gentleman..David Shofner

Anonymous said...

Subject: THANK YOU

DR. PEDRO M. NARVAEZ - a father, father-in-law, grandfather, friend, teacher/professor, mentor, beloved pastor - has gone to be with the Lord last November 6, 2005 at 3:59pm (Philippine time). His remains was buried last November 15, 2005 at Manila Memorial Park-Sucat, Paranaque.

In behalf of our family, we would like to THANK all of you who had helped and supported us at this very difficult time. Your monetary gift tremendously helped us with the funeral expenses and even after the interment. Your words of encouragement, your tight hugs and handshakes and your continuous prayers greatly comforted us. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

My father's death was so sudden, we still can't believe that he is with the Lord now. We still often think that he's just in Bible School teaching or in church busy working like old times.

He may be physically gone now but his legacy - the smiles, the words of wisdom, the lives he touched, the people he unselfishly helped, the blessings that so many received through him - will live on.

We, his children, will continue serving the Lord in the areas where we are just like what he always prayed for.

My mom opted to stay here in the Philippines to continue helping in the work the Lord had entrusted to us, Independent Baptist Church, especially at this time of great need (the church is facing a big amount - we are currently paying the property where the church is now).

She decided not to go with us to the US or to my sister's who is based in Australia since she wanted to be with the church and make sure that my father's desire for our church to own a property will later on materialize by the God's grace.

We praise the Lord for our MOM -"behind a great man's success is a wife who stands by him" as my sister always quotes.

Lord willing, we will try our very best to accomplish and later on publish his biography so that more lives will be touched even in his absence.

We ask for your continued help and prayers.

Again, thank you very much. We, the family, pray that we will all continue in the Lord's work. And we will all rise up from this time of grieving much much stronger soldiers of the Lord.

Should you need to call us, our Philippine home telephone number is (632) 820-5882 or mobile number 0918-7840962.

Please feel free to view the funeral pictures posted at

In His Service,

Charlene Thel A. Narvaez-Galan
Youngest daughter of Dr.& Mrs. Pedro M. Narvaez
Carson, USA