Monday, February 12, 2007

Bethany Baptist Church (Makati), 53rd Anniversary,
February 11, 2007

Bethanytes celebrating God's faithfulness through the years
Dr. Gerardo Nable introducing Ptr. Emeritus Jose Luis Reunilla
Rev. JL Reunilla teaching the combined Sunday School classes
Msnry. Rainier Rolda, Cambodia (3rd from left) listening along with other Bethanytes to Ptr. Reunilla's lesson on the Laodicean church

Sis. Ramela signing for the deaf class members
Bro. Anthony Alzaga leading the congregation in several hymns

The Sunday morning crowd

Bethany's choir

Bible reading before the collection of tithes and offerings
Bro. Wong, part of Bethany from the very beginning
Recognition of church members by the year they became part of Bethany

Dr. Steven Jarett, Rock of Ages Ministries, greeting the Bethanytes

Special number from Bethany's Academy students

Ptr. Nable welcoming Dr. Jack Baskin

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