Saturday, February 17, 2007

Bethany Baptist Church (Makati) 7th World Missions Conference, February 12 to 14, 2007
Theme: “Gateway To The World”

"The centers of the church's universality are no longer in Geneva, Rome, Athens, Paris, London, New York, but in Kinshasa, Buenos Aires, Addis Ababa and Manila. Whatever Europeans or North Americans may believe, Christianity is doing very well indeed in the global South - not just surviving but expanding." - John Mbiti, Kenyan scholar (emphasis by boldfacing supplied)

Dr. Gerardo Nable, pastor of Bethany, and Lola Julia welcoming the conference participants

First step, registration of participants

Early Monday morning, Prayer Intercessory Network

Early birds attending the PIN
Bethany ladies preparing breakfast for the PIN attendees

Ptr. Nable welcoming participants during the first day AM session

Dr. Armie Jesalva, pastor of Cebu BBC, one of the main speakers

Dr. Jack Baskin, another main conference speaker

Filipino missionaries to the foreign fields

John and Melanie
Ptr. Rick Villegas of Pagbilao, Quezon
Msnry. Lito Santiago (Kenya) and Bro. John Art Hernan (Bethany's Prayer Director)
Sis. Nora Alzate faithfully providing the music for the services
Dr. Baskin and Evangelist Al Hare
Special number from students of LD Woosley Bethany Colleges

Ptr. Brian Dunlop of Lighthouse Baptist Church, Laverne, California, USA
Ptr. Reuben Abante of Lighthouse Baptist Church (Tatalon)
Congresman Benny M. Abante

Moises Escaro (future missionary to Africa), right foreground, listening to Dr. Baskin
Bethany's Academy students

Alumni of Bethany's Bible school
Parade of Nations

Welcome to the exhibits
Special numbers from the Academy kids

Bethany's choir in practice and in action

Ptr. Jun Lumagbas of Cebu BBC
Ptr. Tuquero of Laloma BBC
Ptr. Ed Rasalan
Special numbers from Filipino misionaries to foreign fields

Msnry. Abcede Garcia (left) and Ptr. Joseph de Vera (right), both graduates of Asia Baptist Bible College
Missionaries to Indonesia
Dr. Felicidad Felicilda (in black, 3rd from left) missionary on deputation for Congo

Ptr. William Gomez of Bagac, Bataan (top of picture, in black)

Bethanytes in action and behind the scenes
The kitchen crew

Bro. Jamandron

A little rest, relaxation and fellowship for Bethany men
Providing the voice-over for the Parade of Nations
Academy kids in practice while the auditorium gets decorated

Clean up time

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