Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Fundamental Bible Conference in Metro-Baguio, Pines City Baptist Church, February 23-25, 2015

Venue: Pines City Baptist Church, No. 1 Malvar St., Trancoville, Baguio City; Phone: (074) 442-2862; Smart:0998-254-0868; Globe: 0915-221-0238; email:

Registration fee: Php 150.00

Conference Committee Chairman: Dr. Roberto-Jose Livioco

Keynote speaker: Dr. Ron White, 33 years as a missionary to Japan

Schedule of activities:

February 23, Monday

Registration 1-2 PM

Seminar 1: 2-3 PM "What Does It Take to Be a Biblicist in Our Choices?" by Pastor Erick Garcia

This message will lay down what ought to be the underlying, fundamental basis or authority for belief and behavior - not tradition, not experience, not church, not reason, not research but divine revelation found in God's Word, the Bible.

Seminar 2: 3-4 PM "How Decisions Are Affected If There Are Errors in the Bible" by Pastor Jared Garcia

This will address underlying concerns on the Bible's trustworthiness and why orthodox Christianity upholds the doctrine of Biblical inerrancy - that all other bases are flawed and fallible.


Seminar 3: 6-7 PM To be arranged

Service 1: 7-8 PM "Excellence in Missions" by Dr. Ron White

February 24, Tuesday

Seminar 1: 9-10 AM "Man's Interpretation or God's Integrity" by Pastor Gary Jones

This will underscore the importance of taking God at His Word, that the meaning of the Scripture is found in the text of Scripture (author's intent - not in the imagination of the reader), and that the proper reading of the Scriptures is an issue of God's integrity, not simply a preference to a particular hermeneutical approach.

Service 2: 1-11 AM "Excellence in Music" by Dr. Ron White


Seminar 3: 6-7 PM "Are We Settling for Substitutes?" by Dr. Roberto-Jose Livioco

This will underscore the importance of the Christian's living a separated life and highlight the tragedy all can expect for making choices based on the world's principles, even for those who claim to be identified with the fundamentalist camp.

Service 3: 7-8 PM "Excellence in Ministry" by Dr. Ron White

February 25, Wednesday

Seminar 1: 8:30-10 AM Panel Discussion

Service 4: 10-11 AM "Excellence for the Master" by Dr. Ron White

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